The fashion world follows its own laws

In the field of tension between ever-increasing competition in the modem markets, increasing globalization in procurement and distribution and sustainably changing order behavior, you have to assert yourself.

Availability, reliability and services are therefore the benchmark for the design of business processes in procurement, production and sales.

Only the fast and secure flow of information within the entire value chain guarantees you a successful market presence.

The following software modules have been successfully used in the fashion industry for many years (extract):

SICSone / wws® Merchandise management

The complete administration and merchandise management system with the special industry functions for the fashion industry.


SICSone / pdm® Product data management

The module is a development and application system for model development and provides suitable basic data for a shortening of product development and lead times.

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With the consulting expertise and the appropriate modular software package SICSone®, you receive a "comprehensive carefree package", also called PLM - Product Lifecycle Management System.

SICSone is at your disposal from the requirements analysis up to the point of sales with its many years of professional and consulting expertise.

Together we work with you to develop individual methods, processes and organizational structures. We then develop a strategic concept for you, which must be implemented in a specific manner through appropriate technical and organizational measures. After detailed consultation and conceptual design, you decide which modules from the SICSone® are necessary for your work process.



In 7 steps to your customized PLM:

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Constantly growing challenges in the fashion sector, such as short product cycles require fast and decisive action. Transparency in the internal processes through current and meaningful indicators ensure timely deliberations for market-oriented product development and design of the business processes in procurement, production and sales. Only the fast and secure flow of information within the entire value chain guarantees a successful existence on the market.

In order to meet these challenges, we have developed our business solution SICSone / pdm® to support your business processes.

How does our SICSone / pdm® work?

A product data management is required when it becomes serious with the collection. The preliminary decisions are concerned with the realization of themes and ideas, model by model. For the model card production, the data already compiled in the topic board and model runs are included in our PDM system. They are now supplemented by the actual product specification, such as technical sketches, cutting data, CAD data, dimension tables, model descriptions and parts lists, including size and color samples. All other documents, which also arise outside the product data management system, can be integrated and managed via the document management. At any time, all the information required is up-to-date and completely accessible to all parties involved.
The process is complemented by functionalities for integration into the business process, including all necessary barriers and releases. Simulating pricing is possible at any time during the development process. Several variants of preliminary costing can be played through. With the release of the preliminary costing, an automatic generation of price lists is possible, including the collection label. Detailed statistics and evaluations with sketch and pictures accompany the overall process.
These can be customized to the requirements of the respective company. However, our PDM tool not only organizes product data. With us, an individually customizable system of to-do and checklists enables the collection responsible at any time to keep track of tasks and deadlines at a glance and the product for product and lifecycle for lifecycle.

Is collaboration a catchword or lived reality?

Networking is the magic word. The gearwheel in fashionbusiness only works if all gears are coordinated, irrespective of their location and location. The prerequisite for this is unrestricted web capability. In our SICSone / fashion-suite® all functions are provided via the web. The authorization concept is designed in a roll-based manner, so that each participant can access the data and information corresponding to his function within the company. The access is current and in real time. By connecting suppliers to the system, the time-consuming communication in the supplier area is also optimized. However, not only the prepress can use the partnership-based collaboration. Traveling employees are part of the information and data exchange circle. From the laptop, netbook, tablet or smartphone, data can be matched with the corporate server. Pricing can be negotiated directly with the customer or vendor, and orders can be placed on the spot, even without online. In addition, access to the product specifications facilitates the execution of QA checks directly at the supplier. Synchronization can be carried out by the traveler before or after his / her appointments.

What are the core points of our PDM product SICSone / pdm® in the summary?

  • EDV technical support of the design process from the first idea via SMS to the POS
  • History and know-how to meet current and future challenges
  • Interfaces to ERP systems and CAD systems for an integrative solution

The core points for todo and checklists are:

  • Organization of tasks with appointments and responsible persons
  • Date monitoring with traffic light function via prioritization and deadline
  • Any number of ToDo lists per product and lifecycle

The key points in document management are:

  • Integration of external documents allows central access to all relevant information
  • Direct processing with the integration of the available programs
  • Versioning, support of common formats
  • The central data backup ensures data security

The key points for collaboration are:

  • The web capability allows access to up-to-date information in real-time
  • Networking and role authorization bind suppliers and customers
  • Use of Internet services such as emails or FTP access


Is the complete management and merchandise management system (ERP) with the special industry functions for the textile & fashion industry. Our software solution has a modular structure and is geared to your organization's degree of organization.

What is the purpose of a merchandise management system (ERP) for the clothing and textile industry?

A commodity management system is concerned with making decisions on the delivery of goods on the basis of the greatest possible certainty regarding all the necessary specifications regarding capacities, quantities, prices and time windows. It is about no more but also no less than the right goods at the right time in the right sorting with the right price to the right place at the right PoS to the right shelf to bring. This process creates a small number of enemies that are merged, processed, evaluated, extrapolated and passed on to the actual sale, along with the additional information of each step along a central time stream. A central area with high priority is the administration of master data. This includes the company master data, system master data, and master data. The data for the company control (eg sales master data, collection master data, etc.) is maintained in the sub-area of ​​the company master data, the number ranges, all regulations and the access control are managed. In the area of ​​the system master data, the user administration and the authorization concept for the data access as well as the associated roles are stored. The basic master data include the list of the countries, the currencies and the text types used and, last but not least, the important functionality of the calendar. Here the customer relationships are recorded according to their structure, whether the customer is to be ordered directly and how many shipping addresses are to be delivered (PoS or individual departments) or whether the customer is billed to a group via a purchasing association or is connected to a central regulation.

But fashion is not the same fashion. Traditionally, different process sequences have arisen for the product master data between DOB and Haka. Model and articles are viewed separately in the Haka and are specified on the model page about the sizes on the article page about the colors.

Both flow into the central version of the product, the model and the article variant, then split again into different themes, article-by-article into different lots and sets. In the case of the DOB, the central registration is completely omitted by the product, model and article variant and is distributed directly from the article and the article variants directly in terms of sizes, themes, composés and colors without treating the model area separately.

Brief description of the functional areas of our ERP software solution (merchandise management):

Base data

  • Companies Control
  • Access control
  • Basic Master Data
  • Master Data Collection

Shipping / Invoicing

  • Shipping
  • Invoicing
  • Returns processing
  • Customs transfer to format export

SPS season planning system

  • Base data
  • Scheduling options
  • Bookings / Advertisements

Materials management

  • Material / order / inventory
  • Material needs assessment
  • Material balance in dialogue
  • Material order
  • Material Reservation
  • Material inventory
  • Material picking / -Provision


  • Production / order processing
  • Trading goods
  • Printing of all production papers
  • Provision of manufacturing material
  • Barcode-supported incoming goods inspection at the production site
  • Retrieval / provision of substitute material
  • Support for qualified claims
  • Customs delivery to Forma

Finished goods inventory

  • Inventory journal
  • Sale warehouse management
  • Immediately Available billing
  • Polling warehouse management
  • NOS management
  • Stocktaking

Order processing

  • Order entry
  • Info of the orderer
  • Detection with / without

Stock sort by

  • Detection with / without production separation
  • Detection with / without order removal

MAE - Mobile order acquisition

  • Master data functionalities
Our merchandise management system (ERP) is part of SICSone / fashion-suite®,Our solution for your Product-Lifecycle-Management In the textile and fashion industry.


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