SICSone® Suite

The basic SICSone software is in the form of a framework in which any number of applications – including technologically obsolete ones – can be combined with each other with a single user interface and administration. The client benefits from a "single login" for numerous applications and a uniform and easy system administration.

The modern Java client offers all the advantages of a web-based solution. Not only can the existing applications be integrated, but also HTML pages, business graphics or a PDF-viewer.

The client can be compared to an Explorer with a navigation tree on the left and the applications on the right. Any number of applications can be started simultaneously fully independent of each other..

The communication in the SICSone software is via a single layer which permits a 100% control of the Internet/Intranet and firewalls.

Any number of connection technologies are supported and can be provided with cryptography or other functions.


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